Coffee n’ Courage

Coffee n’Courage…a time of encouragement for women, designed around the study of God’s word,  enhanced by our mutually encouraging fellowship, and, of course, coffee!  
Our study for the 2021/2022 season is centered on the books of I and II Peter, letters written by the apostle Peter to the followers of Christ, believers who Peter refers to as ‘Elect Exiles’.  How can those two seemingly contradictory terms go together?  And what us the focus of Peter’s message to these fellow Christ-followers?  
       The subtitle, “Living Hope in a Hard World” explains where this book is taking us.  I think you’ll agree that this world has always been a challenging place to live, and  is becoming more so all the time.  Just think for a moment how life has changed for us in the past 18 months!  The teaching from this study is just what we need…but not for the purpose of making all the challenges go away!  The trials and difficulties have a much greater purpose than to ease our burdens.  They are designed by our wise and loving Father to prove that our faith in Him is genuine!  
    Having you join us for these times together would be a great delight!  We meet two weeks on and one week off, always on Tuesday mornings, from 9:30 to 11:00 and a nursery is provided.  The calendar for the rest of the fall session is below:
    October 26
    November 2, 16, and 23.
    December…Christmas event, date to be announced

Marti Barkman is one of the teachers for the morning sessions.

What is fellowship without some delicious food?

Coffee n’ Courage is a wonderful opportunity “catch up” on a variety of things in a relaxing atmosphere.