Beacon Beam 2019

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Beam-1 January 2019 Truth to Anchor the Soul  Featuring an article by Pastor Barkman on the new year

Beam- 2 February, 2019 Think on These Things  Love in the Stars of Our Solar System by Ken Fleming

Beam- 3 March, 2019  Instructions in Righteousness.  “The Destiny Hermeneutic by Paul David Tripp

Beam- 4 April 2019 Light for the Pilgrim Way   Why Fear Death by Michael Rogers

Beam- 5 May 2019 Gospel Driven  “The church that makes being relevant to culture its first mission, either by conscious design or by the slow descent of good intentions gone wrong, will become utterly irrelevant to culture.”  T. J. Williams

Beam- 6 June 2019  Putting First Things First (Part II)  By Thaddeus J. Williams

Beam- 7 July 2019   Christians in the Age of Trump–Whether you like Trump or not, if you are a Christian, you have a God-given responsibility to pray for him (I Timothy 2:1, 2)

Beam-8 August, 2019 Holding Forth the Word of Life  The Ultimate Question: Why? by John MacArthur

Beam- 9 September, 2019 Food for Thought and Soul– Disheartening Defections by Greg Barkman

Beam – 10 October 2019 Holding Forth the Word of Life  Is the Enemy of My Enemy My Friend by Albert Mohler

Beam-11 November 2019 Stewardship To The Glory Of God by Jim Elliff

Beam-12 December 2019 Hail the Glad Tiding, The Incomparable Condescension by J. Sidlow Baxter