David and Eunjoo Andersen, Virginia

Dean and Kathy Bertsch, Reaching and Teaching International Ministries

Tim and Ruth Bixby, France

Marc and Judie Blackwell, South Africa

Larrie and Carol Bunyan, American Indians, Montana

Sillas and Wanger Campos, Brazil

David and Isobel Cassells, England

David and Lynne Champlin, Suriname

Tom and Connie Chapman, Chile

Jenni Delorge, Alamance Christian School

Ken Delorge, Alamance Christian School

Libby Dreisbach, Philippines

Tim Easley, International Intercession, India

David and Donna Edens, Niger

Renato and Cheri Giuliani, Italy

Bill and Chris Hill, Equipping Nationals Worldwide

Tony and Tammy Honeycutt, Piedmont Rescue Mission

Josh and Amy Jensen, Cambodia

Trevor and Teresa Johnson, Irian Jaya, Indonesia

Bob LaTour, Alamance Christian School

Tony and Cathy Payne, South Africa

Dave and Julie Rudolph, South Africa

Thomas and Cristy Slawson, Siberia

Bill Standridge, Italy

Herb and Wanda Taylor, USA Hispanic Ministries

Anthony and Jamie Vahala, Czech Republic

David and Nicky Vaughn, France

Stuart and LaVerne Waugh, Zimbabwe

Mike and Melanie Webster, France

Steve and Janice Worth, England