Coffee n’ Courage

We call our women’s Bible Study Coffee n’Courage, for all the obvious reasons!  Two groups gather on Tuesdays…9:15 AM and 7:00 PM, three weeks on and one week off, September through April.  The meeting place is the Welcome Center in the main building and it is just that…a welcoming place for us to fellowship and learn, coffee in hand.

ANGER.  An emotion we accept as a part of life.  Do we have any idea how devastating it is?  How far reaching it becomes when we give way to its presence, and ultimately to its control in our lives?

Our book study in Coffee n’Courage this year is Good and Angry, the last book penned by Dr. Dave Powlison before his death earlier this year.  It will be a book you will not easily forget.  The subject of anger is thoroughly covered, revealing much about the source and nature of anger, and opening up a picture of our hearts that we may not enjoy, but need to see.  There are many trails leading from the subject of anger, trails of emotions that can destroy us…or that can be used for GOOD in our lives. Many of these will be covered as well.

Please join us this year, starting September 17, 9:15 AM or 7 PM. We have a nursery for the morning meetings.  If you need to use the nursery, please contact Marti at 336.212.2106.

We’ll see you September 17th!!


Marti Barkman is one of the teachers for the morning sessions.

What is fellowship without some delicious food?

Coffee n’ Courage is a wonderful opportunity “catch up” on a variety of things in a relaxing atmosphere.