Coffee n’ Courage

We call our women’s Bible Study Coffee n’Courage, for all the obvious reasons!   What’s new this year?  We could say just about everything!  And yet…in some ways it’s history repeating itself, isn’t it.  Coffee n’Courage will be somewhat that way in this new session, starting September 8, 2020.  We are beginning a study described as ‘a Bible study on the Bible’s story.’  It is written by Courtney Doctor and each chapter will be introduced by her in a 30 minute DVD.  

To give you an idea of what you can expect, here are a few comments, some from students, and others from former teachers who have been through this study:
    “Don’t you just love a good story?  One that you just can’t lay down, but you dread finishing because the story will end?  What if there was a story that didn’t end?  And what if you discovered that not only is the story true, it’s the greatest drama in all time, and YOU are one of the characters in the story?? “
    ” And of the sons if Immer there were Hanani and Zebadiah:  and of the sons of Harim; Maaseiah, Elijah, Shemaiah, Jehiel, and Uzziah:  and of the sons of Pashhur; Elioenai, Masseiah, Ishmael, Nethanel, Jozabad, and Eliezer.  (Ezra 10:20-22).  Do you have any idea what this scripture has to do with Jesus dying on the cross to save us from our sin?” 
     Join us for this intriguing story of the God of heaven, the Creator and sustainer of all, the God who came to live with his people!!  It is the old, old story, history repeated, but you’ll be amazed at how new it will be!
Schedule:  Tuesday mornings, 9:15-11:15 in the Fellowship Hall, observing all social distancing guidelines.
    A nursery is available with 48 hours  notice.  Please call the church office if you choose to use the nursery.  
    There is also a once-a-month Saturday morning meeting beginning on September 12, meeting at the home of Claudette Delorge.  Please contact her through the church office for details.
We’ll see you September 8th!!


Marti Barkman is one of the teachers for the morning sessions.

What is fellowship without some delicious food?

Coffee n’ Courage is a wonderful opportunity “catch up” on a variety of things in a relaxing atmosphere.