Coffee n’ Courage

Coffee n’ Courage begins the morning sessions at 9:15 with, what else…, COFFEE and an accompaniment.  The evening session begins at 7:00 and the coffee will be decaf.

This year, our study is the fourth in the series by Nancy Guthrie.  It is on the person of Jesus Christ, found in so many different pictures all through the Old Testament.  This year, the book is The Wisdom of God and is one of the best yet!

The morning sessions are taught by Marti Barkman and Lesley Fannon, evening sessions by Marie Cardwell and our newest member of the team, Claudette DeLorge.  Welcome, Claudette!  Christie Carpenter is taking a break this year.

Books are currently available in the Beacon Book Room for $9.00.

There is a nursery available for the morning session only.  If you wish to take advantage of the nursery, please let us know as soon as possible by calling Marti at (336) 212-2106