IMPACT 2014-15

I  Must  Personally  Acknowledge  Christ Today

IMPACT is a weekly devotional sent out by Pastor LaTour on Sunday mornings for the purpose of encouraging our college-age young people to stay true to what they have been taught. If you would like to be placed on the e-mail list to receive this devotional, please contact us with your e-mail address.  These devotionals are sent as a BCC to protect your personal information.  The following are the IMPACTS for the 2014-15 school year. Click on the title to see the PDF for each IMPACT. 

IMPACT-1 2014 The War To End All Wars    The news abounds with stories about wars that seem to be ever increasing and ever far-reaching.  The first two IMPACTS will deal with thoughts on The War To End All Wars and how changes in our world may increasingly impact Christians.

IMPACT- 2 2014 Perilous Times   The persecution of Christians is escalating abroad and militants have their eye on America.  The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) states that “ISIS is the most well-funded, well-armed jihadist army in history.  They’re committing mass genocide. They’ve beheaded Christian children and journalists. They’re massacring Christian men and selling Christian women as sex slaves. They’re determined to strike America.”

IMPACT-3 2014 More Than Your Name   In your “essential self,” in your character, in your core values and non-negotiable convictions, who are you?

IMPACT-4 2014 Who Are You Becoming   The process of “becoming” is shaped by the choices that we make, by the people with whom we interact, and by the trials and temptations that can develop or destroy opportunities, relationships and reputations.

IMPACT-5 2014 Take a Look in God’s Mirror   How thankful we should be that we have the complete canon of Scripture as both the mirror of self-disclosure and the means of spiritual development.

IMPACT-6 2014 A State of Being  People can know a great deal about the Bible without knowing experientially what it really means to BE a Christian.

IMPACT-7 2014 The Deadly Deception In at least one respect, genuine faith is very similar to genuine love— they both produce evidence of their existence.

IMPACT-8 2014 TheNecessity of Repentance  “Without repentance no real faith…. Without faith also no true repentance.

IMPACT-9 2014 The Reality of Warfare  As attacks against true Christianity grow, “summer  soldiers” and “sunshine patriots” who profess belief in Christ, but who do not possess the conviction that accompanies true saving faith, will not stand their ground.

IMPACT-10 2014 Corpses Don’t Care  Every Christian knows the tension between the remnant desires of the “old man” that was put to death with Christ our Substitute and the righteous desires of the “new man” who is alive in Christ our Savior.

IMPACT-11 2014 Dependent Responsibility  “Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling;  For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.”

IMPACT-12 2014 Saved Doer or Self-Deceiver  Hearers of the Word who are not doers of the Word are guilty of self-deception of the worst kind.

IMPACT-13 2014 Secure in His Faithfulness  True Christians are no longer “natural men” who  disdained spiritual things that they viewed as the emotional crutches of simple-minded people who can’t “cut it” in the real world.

IMPACT-14 2014 Confident or Complacent  There is no such thing as “cruise control” when it comes to living the Christian life with a desire for God’s “well done, good and faithful servant.”

IMPACT-15 2014 Satan’s Frontal Attack  The allurements of the world, failure to obey the mandate to study the Word of God and Satan’s age-old tactic of seeking to denigrate God’s character or deny His very existence top the tactics that he uses in his lost cause.

IMPACT-16 2014 Hard Questions, Biblical Answers  In IMPACT 15, we mentioned Satan’s long-held tactic of seeking to denigrate God’s character or deny His very existence.  How can we respond to blatant, unsubstantiated speculation by secularists who seek to dismiss God altogether?

IMPACT-17 2014 How Do You ‘Stack Up?’  Practically speaking, what part does the Word of God play in your daily life?

IMPACT-18 2014 Add to Your Faith Virtue  What should motivate a Christian to pursue moral excellence?  The G-R-A-C-E of God, the eternal benefit of which is God’s Righteousness At Christ’s Expense!

IMPACT-19 2015 Add to Your Faith Knowledge, Part I Do you ever wonder what God thinks of your thoughts towards Him, His Son and His Word?  Would He say that your fear of Him is growing as you meditate upon His Word?

IMPACT-20 2015 Add to Your Faith Knowledge, Part II  The fear of God is an attitude of adoration and awe by which a believer guards and guides his thoughts, words and deeds with the Word of God for the glory of God.

IMPACT-21 2015 Add to Your Faith Self-Control  With God’s enabling, Christians are to add to their faith self-control which is the mastery of natural appetites or desires.

IMPACT-22 2015 Add to Your Faith Perseverance  Perseverance is steadfast determination to react to the pressures, pains and duties of life in ways that embrace God’s providence.

IMPACT-23 2015 Add to Your Faith Godliness  “Godly character is not the result of good     intentions, wishful thinking, some mystical ‘zap,’ or even sheer Bible knowledge.  It’s developed through the self-disciplined application of God’s Word at a very basic level, enabled and empowered by God’s Spirit.”  John MacArthur

IMPACT-24 2015 Add to Your Faith Brotherly Kindness  “We must add to our faith brotherly kindness, a tender affection to all our fellow-Christians, who are children of the same Father, servants of the same Master, members of the same family, travelers to the same country, and heirs of the same inheritance, and therefore are to be loved with a pure heart fervently.” Matthew Henry

IMPACT-25 2015 Add to Your Faith Love  Biblical love is “that divine love which is produced in the heart of the yielded believer by the Holy Spirit, and which impels him to deny himself for the benefit of the one loved.”  Kenneth Wuest

IMPACT-26 2015 Deluded or Delivered  If you do not have a growing sense of the exceeding sinfulness of sin that could only be atoned for by the shed blood of Christ, yours may be a counterfeit faith at best.

IMPACT-27 2015 Living With Serious Intention  “The reason why you see no real mortification or self-denial, no eminent charity, no profound humility, no heavenly affection, no true contempt of the world, no Christian meekness, no sincere zeal, no eminent piety in the common lives of Christians, is this, because they do not so much as intend to be exact and exemplary in these virtues.”  William Laws (1686-1781)

IMPACT-28 2015 Fake Fruit of ‘Another Gospel’  Churches are crowded with people who learned some facts, who made a decision in their past and who hold loosely to the Christian religion, but who have never really embraced the truth of the gospel.  Union with Christ has never become the vital, inseparable essence of who they are.