IMPACT Devotionals

I  Must  Personally  Acknowledge  Christ Today

IMPACT is a weekly devotional sent out by Pastor LaTour on Sunday mornings for the purpose of encouraging our college-age young people to stay true to what they have been taught. If you would like to be placed on the e-mail list to receive this devotional, please contact us with your e-mail address.  These devotionals are sent as a BCC to protect your personal information.  The following are the IMPACTS for the 2014-15 school year. Click on the title to see the PDF for each IMPACT. 

IMPACT-1 2014 The War To End All Wars    The news abounds with stories about wars that seem to be ever increasing and ever far-reaching.  The first two IMPACTS will deal with thoughts on The War To End All Wars and how changes in our world may increasingly impact Christians.

IMPACT- 2 2014 Perilous Times   The persecution of Christians is escalating abroad and militants have their eye on America.  The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) states that “ISIS is the most well-funded, well-armed jihadist army in history.  They’re committing mass genocide. They’ve beheaded Christian children and journalists. They’re massacring Christian men and selling Christian women as sex slaves. They’re determined to strike America.”

IMPACT-3 2014 More Than Your Name   In your “essential self,” in your character, in your core values and non-negotiable convictions, who are you?

IMPACT-4 2014 Who Are You Becoming   The process of “becoming” is shaped by the choices that we make, by the people with whom we interact, and by the trials and temptations that can develop or destroy opportunities, relationships and reputations.

IMPACT-5 2014 Take a Look in God’s Mirror   How thankful we should be that we have the complete canon of Scripture as both the mirror of self-disclosure and the means of spiritual development.

IMPACT-6 2014 A State of Being  People can know a great deal about the Bible without knowing experientially what it really means to BE a Christian.

IMPACT-7 2014 The Deadly Deception In at least one respect, genuine faith is very similar to genuine love— they both produce evidence of their existence.

IMPACT-8 2014 TheNecessity of Repentance  “Without repentance no real faith…. Without faith also no true repentance.

IMPACT-9 2014 The Reality of Warfare  As attacks against true Christianity grow, “summer  soldiers” and “sunshine patriots” who profess belief in Christ, but who do not possess the conviction that accompanies true saving faith, will not stand their ground.