Beacon Beam 2016

Beam 01 January 2016  Ancient Paths for a New Year (Articles on Marriage) “This ‘one flesh’ union consists of more than a signed certificate, promises made, or even physical intimacy. In the mystery of God’s activity—the invisible realm that we can only perceive and understand through the words of Scripture—God Himself creates something new.” Daryl Wingerd

Beam 02 February 2016 The Centrality of the Word [“…For the Greeks, as for the biblical writers, happiness was an objective reality, not just a feeling or an emotional state.”  Ken Myers

Beam 03 March 2016 In Pursuit of God  “The one who raises the question against God in effect plays God while denying He exists.” Ravi Zacharias

Beam 04 April 2016 Grief, Finding Hope in The Darkness  “Facing the death of someone you love—a child, a spouse, a parent, a close friend—is one of life’s most difficult experiences.”  Paul David Tripp

Beam 05 May 2016 Grief, Finding Hope in the Darkness, Part 2  “It is never useless to cry out to Him.  He has the power to bring hope and rest to your soul in ways you could never conceive. God, in His grace, has assigned this job to Himself.”  Paul David Tripp

Beam 06 June 2016 Encouraging An Eternal Perspective  Is It Necessary To Preach Divine Wrath? by Steve Lawson

Beam 07 July 2016  Why Can’t Christians Just Join The Revolution by Albert Mohler, Jr.

Beam 08 August 2016  Truth for a Troubled World  “We are facing a true moral inversion—a system of moral understandings turned upside down.”  Albert Mohler, Jr.

Beam 09 September 2016 Nine Characteristics of Biblical Prayer  “Biblical prayer is characterized and motivated by the right attitude-right thinking about the greatness of God, the beauty of Christ, and our own unworthiness and weakness.”

Beam 10 October 2016 Worship According to the Word  “Worship is the purpose for which we were made–and only the redeemed can worship the Father in spirit and in truth.”

Beam 11 November 2016 Answers For Truth Erosion  “The shift from expository preaching to more topical and human-centered approaches has grown into a debate over the place of Scripture in preaching, and the nature of preaching itself.”  Al Mohler

 Beam 12 December 2016, An Argument for Learning (Featured Article by Jim Elliff)