Beacon Beam 2014

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Beam 01 January 2014 (A Clarion Call to the Modern Church)

Beam 02 February 2014 (Constructing a Strong Foundation)

Beam 03 March 2014 (Building Lives on the Truth)

Beam 04 April 2014 Truth: Past, Present and Future, The Rural Church Dilemma

Beam 05 May, 2014  Prayer—Why, What and How?

Beam 06 June, 2014  Instruction, Illumination and Inspiration on Navigating the Gray Areas of Life

Beam 07 July, 2014  Summer Reflections and Overview of Trip to Italy

Beam 08 August, 2014  How Firm a Foundation

Beam 09 September, 2014  Truth for a Decaying Age

Beam 10 October 2014   Establishing the Heart by Grace

Beam 11 November 2014   Standing on or for the Truth

Beam 12 December 2014 Declaring and Defending the Truth  “‘Tis the Season”