Beacon Beam 2017

Beam 1 January 2017 Remember Why You Sold Everything

Beam 2 February 2017 Changeless Truth for Changing Times

Beam 3 March 2017 Light for Sojourners

Beam 4, April 2017 Truth That Transforms

Beam 5 May 2017 Feeding the Sheep  The Goodness of God by Eric Alexander

Beam 6 June, 2017 Reformation Worship When Martin Luther (1483—1546) sparked a Reformation of the Church by nailing his Ninety-Five Theses to the Church door at Wittenberg in 1517, he challenged the Roman Church’s doctrine and practice, but never its musical forms.

Beam 7 July 2017 Light for the Path  “I thank God for You” by Mark Webb

Beam 8 August 2017 Truth For Such A Time As This  Question Authority? by Greg Barkman

Beam 9 September 2017 Issues of Faith   Issues of Faith [The Role of Experience by R.C.Sproul]

Beam 10 October 2017, Reasons for the Reformation by Greg Barkman