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Beam 07 July 2016 Why Can’t Christians Just Join The Revolution by Albert Mohler, Jr.

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IMPACT-87 2016 God is Wise  Failure to faithfully and fervently plead that God will give you wisdom reveals prideful self-sufficiency.


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IMPACT-79 2016 God is Gracious  At age 82, John Newton, the author of Amazing Grace, said, ‘My memory is nearly gone, but I remember two things, that I am a great sinner, and that Christ is a great Savior.”  Amen!  We all are great sinners, and, indeed, Christ is a great Savior!

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IMPACT-78 2016 God is Righteous and Just  “His ways and works are both worthy to be praised. Jehovah cannot be unjust or impure.  In the salvation of his people he is as righteous and holy as in any other of his ways and works: he has not manifested mercy at the expense of justice.” Charles Spurgeon

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Reflections of Grace  There is no greater source than the Scriptures to offered encouragement to believers.  May God use the passages and thoughts in Reflections of Grace to encourage you and yours!  [Click on the title to open the document.]

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We live in a day of bumper-sticker slogans. Some are amusing and elicit a chuckle from us; others are repugnant and disgusting. Some are downright dangerous, such as Question Authority. Of course all of us have trouble with authority at times. But questioning authority—even resisting it—seems to have been elevated to a national virtue. It is spreading like a virus throughout our society.

Beacon Beam – August 2011