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IMPACT-55 2015 Joy Grounded in The Word  As a Christian maintains fellowship with God through reading, studying and applying Scripture, the joy of the Holy Spirit will become increasingly evident.

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Beam 10 October 2015 The Need of The Hour “History shows us that the greatest periods of revival and reformation the church has ever seen occur in conjunction with the frequent, consistent and clear preaching of God’s Word.” R. C. Sproul

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Please join us for our 2015 Fall Bible Conference Sunday, October 4 through Wednesday, October 7 with Dr. John McKnight from Darlington, Maryland.   Click 2015 FBC Bible Conf BB for details.

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Reflections of Grace  There is no greater source than the Scriptures to offered encouragement to believers.  May God use the passages and thoughts in Reflections of Grace to encourage you and yours!  [Click on the title to open the document.]