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IMPACT-62 2015 Joy through the Spirit’s Witness  The indwelling Holy Spirit is the vital difference that distinguishes those whose trust is in Christ alone from the sincerely religious person who agrees with some facts in the Bible.  Just as the presence of invisible wind is evident by its effects that are seen and felt, the presence of God’s Holy Spirit is evident by His    effect upon the life of a Christian.


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Beam 11 November 2015 Standing for Truth in a Confusing Age  The featured article is by Dr. Albert Mohler.

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Please click to see a list of our featured missionary speakers for our Missions Month 2015

From our beginning in 1973, Beacon has demonstrated a heart for missions.  Beacon is missions minded! Rejoice with us over the missionaries and missions organizations that the Lord has enabled us to support in order to proclaim the glorious gospel of saving grace! In addition to these missionary endeavors, members of the pastoral staff are involved in teaching national pastors abroad.  [See Missions under Ministry at the top of our Home Page for a list of our missionaries and the mission organizations that we support.]

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Reflections of Grace  There is no greater source than the Scriptures to offered encouragement to believers.  May God use the passages and thoughts in Reflections of Grace to encourage you and yours!  [Click on the title to open the document.]